WiseTec Docs

Theme Customization

Owl Team will help design a theme for your casino according to your current website style. In addition to this, you can also provide:
  • Background Image: maximum file size, 500kB.
  • Social Media Links (will be at the footer)
  • Banner Image: If you want to provide banners, please provide 2 versions at the same time
    • Desktop Version: 1240x350, max size < 500kb
    • Mobile Version: 750x740, max size < 500 KB
If you have a designer/front end dev, you can ask him/her to work on portal.owl.games and provide the changed css or some designated color set.
Background : main_bg.png / #113e49 Secondary : #5bb7a9 Accent : #21817f Text : #ffffff / rgba(255,255,255,255)
We also need:
Website titles, descriptions,
Logo: usually will be your project logo but you can choose one.